Welcome Students! Congratulations on your admission to college — you have a very exciting time ahead of you as you make this important transition. It is a good sign that you are reading this website — it means that you are already taking responsbility for your own success.

I have spent my professional career helping students just like you. I have taught courses on college success, designed all kinds of programs for students, and advised/mentored thousands of students over the years. This website contains my best tips and strategies to help you succeed. I encourage you to poke around and try some of the options. You can also email me if you have questions.

Get the Book

Learn more about Navigating the Research University (3rd edition) — the only guide that focuses on the mission of the research university and how it shapes every aspect of the student, staff and faculty experience.

Time Management

Dr. Andreatta shares her favorite time management tips, strategies, and resources. Learn more.

Math, Statistics & Science

The Khan Academy has a variety of free online resources to help students perform better in their math and science classes.

British Professor Andy Field has a great website to help you with statistics — visit Statistics Hell to learn more. He also has authored several books on stats.


Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) has wonderful free resources to help students with their writing assignments.

Computer Skills has a vast range of online training videos for any software you can imagine including the ones you need for academic success. Become a pro at word processing (like Word or Pages), databases (like Excel or Filemaker Pro), presentations (Powerpoint or Keynote), web design (like WordPress or DreamWeaver, and statistics software like SPSS. They also have videos on photography, web, video, design, audio, and 3D as well as documentaries on amazing industry leaders (see the Creative Inspirations section). For a free 7-day trial, click here.

Career Resources

Dr. Andreatta has put together a vast collection of career resources.

Diversity Resources

Dr. Andreatta has extensive experience teaching and training on various aspects of diversity and shares her vast resources with you.

Personal Growth

Dr. Andreatta has created a website and blog, Soul School, to help people achieve personal success.

Leadership Development

Britt has designed several successful leadership programs to help students develop and hone key leadership skills.

Films About College Life

Explore this vast collection of films about college life.

Rave Reviews by Students

“As my professor, you were of a special kind of mold—an intellect that bridges the worlds of theory and pedagogy with heart and compassion. I was drawn to the clear, insightful and empowering way in which you taught us. Today, in those more challenging moments, when I find myself struggling to be a better student, mentor or friend, I think about your leadership and it motivates me to do better. For me and countless others, you inspire hope Please never forget how much you mean to so many of us, and how far your wisdom continues to grow in the hearts and minds of us, your students.” ~ Juan Carlos Ibarra, Alum of UC Santa Barbara, Civil Rights Lawyer

“I had the great privilege of being a student in Professor Britt Andreatta’s class at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Britt is a consummate professional. She brought a profound depth of knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm to the classroom. Her lectures and activities were thought-provoking and unique, engaging each students’ particular strengths, while weaving a feeling of unity and community. Her class stands out as a shining example of the best higher education has to offer. Thank you so much, Britt, for an amazing educational experience.” ~ Karen Hefner, Alum of Pacifica Graduate Institute, Founder of Igniting Spirit

Antioch University Santa Barbara