Welcome! As a parent of a freshman or transfer student, you play a vital role in your student’s success in college. I know that students often turn to their parents first when they need help or support. Your ability to listen to your students’ needs and make relevant suggestions will help him or her become more empowered.  This site will give you some key ideas and materials to recommend to your student as she or or he navigates college life.

In addition, you are going through your own transition as your student moves away from home. I know that this period can often be filled with both feelings of excitement and sadness. Many of the resources on this page are focused on helping you succeed as you transition into new types of parenting skills.

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Learn more about Navigating the Research University (3rd edition) — the only guide that focuses on the mission of the research university and how it shapes every aspect of the student, staff and faculty experience.

Articles for Parents

Dr. Andreatta has written several articles for parents, students and instructors. Read more here.

Your Students First Year © Workshop for Parents

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Parents in Transition © Workshop for Parents

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Recommended Books for Parents

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Resources for Students

I have made a variety of resources available to students, which you may want to bring to the attention of your son or daughter. You may also find many of them useful for yourself.

Personal Growth

Dr. Andreatta has created a website and blog, Soul School, to help people achieve personal success.

Rave Reviews

“I owe Britt a big ‘thank you’ for her work in assisting Foothill College in developing our orientation for parents. It was a HUGE success! We anticipated 30 and had over 100! It was clearly a needed service which we didn’t think to provide until I sat in her program as a parent of a UCSB freshmen.” ~ Dr. Bernadine Fong, Senior Managing Partner, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, President of Foothill College (1994-2006)

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