Navigating the Research University

About The Book

Full of practical tips and tools and useful personal advice, NAVIGATING THE RESEARCH UNIVERSITY: A GUIDE FOR FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS, 3E, provides students with a comprehensive introduction to education at a research institution. While orientation sessions and other first-year programs are designed to orient students to the many aspects of university life, this text helps them navigate the university on a daily basis. Suitable for first-year experience courses, orientation, or first-year seminars, the text is designed to support students at a broad range of research universities and gives you the flexibility to easily incorporate unique features of your own institution. Britt Andreatta helps students understand research, the role it plays in the university, and the basic methodologies used in a variety of disciplines. Andreatta also guides students in developing the skills necessary for achieving academic success, including critical thinking, thoughtful analysis, and effective writing. In addition, the text includes valuable insights into the personal and working issues students may encounter as new and aspiring members of a community of scholars.

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Rave Reviews for the Book

“Dr. Andreatta has written an excellent text for freshmen entering research institutions. She came to UNM to keynote our Faculty Training Institute and she did a great job sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with our staff, faculty and administrators. This was the best training event I have ever attended.  It was UNM focused, diplomatically reassuring given our current state of reorganization, and most importantly inspiring, as she shared her ideas for helping students to succeed.” ~ Mary Thomas, Advising Center, University of New Mexico

“Britt’s book, Navigating the Research University, is an enjoyable read written in a clear and concise manner that engages the student to want to read and learn while encouraging a student’s responsibility in the learning process.” ~ Kimberly Little, Academic Advisor/UNIV 101 Instructor, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 

“You helped me regain my love of teaching. I still whip out ‘Dr. B’s textbook’ (as I call it) when I need to help my colleagues better understand what I do and why I do it. You have made an indelible mark on my life.” ~ Nikki Laird, Center for Leadership & Service, Duke University

“Dr. Andreatta has been inspiring me as a professional for many years and we modeled our student success course after her book. Britt came to campus to keynote the launch of our advisers’ association. From the many conversations I had with those who attended, Britt motivated and inspired all in the room. She demonstrated a genuine value and deep understanding of the work they do, which is not often felt by many on campus. She was already on a pedestal for me before, but now she has earned ‘sainthood.’” ~ Catrina Wagner, Associate Director of Student Housing, University of California at Davis

  University of California at Davis