Welcome! This section is for anyone who is responsible for designing and implementing educational programs for students and/or their parents. Whether you are a faculty member, administrator, staff or a graduate student, you will find a range of materials that will support the success of your efforts.

Get the Book

Learn more about Navigating the Research University (3rd edition) — the only guide that focuses on the mission of the research university and how it shapes every aspect of the student, staff and faculty experience.

Articles, Webinars & Videos

This collection of publications and presentations features Dr. Andreatta’s experience and wisdom on a variety of issues related to higher education.

Student Success Courses

If you are designing or revamping your student success course, this section includes a range of helpful materials for courses for entering freshmen, transfer students, veteran students, and sophomores.

Classroom Activities

Click here to find a wide range of exercises, assignments, and activities that will allow you to bring key teaching points to life in your classroom or program.

Diversity Resources

Dr. Andreatta has extensive experience teaching and training on various aspects of diversity and shares her vast resources with you.

Men’s and Women’s Programs

These groundbreaking gender programs focus on helping help guide young men and women as they step into adulthood. You can easily adapt them to your campus.

Leadership Development Programs

Dr. Andreatta designed several leadership development programs to help students gain and hone key leadership skills. These programs will help your students engage as active citizens on your campus as well as make their degree more marketable upon graduation.

Parent Programs

Britt has designed several programs for parents of college students that have been adopted by over 250 colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

Films About College

Dr. Andreatta has collected a long list of films that feature college life. Learn more.

Personal Growth

Dr. Andreatta has created a website and blog, Soul School, to help people achieve personal success.

Hire Britt

Learn more about bringing Dr. Andreatta to your campus — she is available for speaking, training and consulting on a variety of topics. Her upbeat and engaging style make her an excellent choice for conference keynotes, convocation and commencement ceremonies, training programs, and strategic planning initiatives.